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them as if it would show them the way. So they clambered, and crept

Harry followed Tom up a handsome wooden staircase to a door with a brass number eleven on it, which Tom unlocked and opened for him.

� They gulped down their breakfast, then set off upstairs, Kreacher bowing them out and promising to have a steak-and-kidney pie ready for them when they returned.

Good morning, said he to Little Claus; "you are come betimes

his face, and moves in on the Egyptologist, who is heading

ANGELAThis is my first time.

`You don't know! Then how can you doubt that God created all?' the priest said, with good-humored perplexity.

The black-mustached man was fingering something in his belt; Harry looked and saw that he was running one broad thumb along the blade of a shining axe. Ron opened his mouth to say something, but Hermione nudged him hard in the ribs and jerked her head toward the entrance hall.


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